The Humble Brag

I absolutely love when memories pop up in my Facebook feed–a picture of my now 16-year old son from a decade ago, front teeth missing, ice cream dripping down his chin; a video of my beloved husky that passed away four years ago rollicking in the snow; an image of the last Christmas my grandpa […]

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The diagnosis was grim—gremlins. I had gremlins. Not the adorable, fictional Mogwai that when fed after midnight turned into the sharp-toothed lizards of our ‘80s nightmares. Instead, I had figurative gremlins running around in my head, wrecking havoc, whispering words of failure, and offering sharp words of criticism. Gremlins snuff out dreams; they lie to […]

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Coming soon… Stories, insights, things that roll around in my brain…and occasionally food.

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