About the Blog

Why is the blog named B-Roll, beyond the fact that it shares the first letter of my last name?  B-roll is a film and television term that refers to supplemental or alternative footage that is shot when making a show or movie (nope, not a reference to my last name).  The main footage used to be called A-roll, but the term dropped out of usage decades ago (A, B…its alphabetical, not an abbreviation for anything).  B-roll is often used for cut away scenes, flashbacks, or re-enactments.  It helps give a story context; it is the story behind the story.

A-ha!  The blog is the stuff that rolls around in my head–stories, insights, life-hacks, and ramblings.  Occasionally I can even be really self-aware. I’ll also say that I’m not one to talk politics, per se, but life in America sometimes dishes you up a heaping scoop of it and I can’t help but dig in .  These things have made me who I am, they explain why I am the way I am.   And while I am totally, uniquely me I am not really unique.  My hope is that something resonates for you.  After all, we are all more similar than we are different.

The topics may seem scattered–welcome to my brain–but in time maybe we find a groove.  I’m totally new to this, so let’s see where it goes.